Phase 1: The Dream

Parasol Finance’s NFT Access keys

Parasol Finance
1 min readJan 30, 2022

The first stage that everyone who changes the world goes through is the dream. The dream to create, to improve, to innovate.

Dreams are some of the most powerful things on earth, since they can lead to outcomes that humans have never dreamed possible. Having the ability to dream, then the strength to act and make it a reality is something that high-achievers all have in common.

For this reason, the first tier of Parasol Finance’s IDO NFT is The Dreamer:

● Cost: 210 $PSOL

● Guaranteed IDO allocation of $210 in $PSOL

● Dynamic Vesting Period: 12 weeks

● Starting Vesting Fees: 21%

Come pick up an IDO allocation NFT from Parasol Finance in just 2 days, and start your IDO investing journey with a dream

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