Phase 2: The Rider

Dreaming is just that: dreaming. Changing the world takes a whole lot of determination and forging one’s own path in order to make the world a better place.

To fulfill one’s dreams in life, the next step after having the dream is turning it into action. Taking action on one’s dreams means riding it out in the good times and bad — rain or shine.

For these reasons, the second tier of Parasol Finance’s IDO NFT is The Rider:

● Cost: 2100 $PSOL

● Guaranteed IDO allocation of $2100 in $PSOL

● Dynamic Vesting Period: 8 weeks

● Starting Vesting Fees: 21%

Come scoop an IDO allocation NFT from Parasol Finance and ride this tidal wave of one of the most innovative industries in the history of humanity, with us right at your side.

Enjoy the ride.

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Company: Parasol Finance



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